Flamenco, eastern, fusion, rock, funk, metal, World Music.

Amir-John Haddad

Mediterranean fusion - A trip through different cultures, musics, and instruments.


World music and Mediterranean fusion quartet.

“The Amir” Flamenco Sextet

Flamenco guitar concert with a Mediterranean and Oriental taste.
Amir John-Haddad

Members of Parliament

Heavy-Funk-Rock-Metal all in one band

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Date Artist City Venue Country
24/10/14 http://amirjohnhaddad.com Zoobazar Santiago de Compostela WOMEX 2014, Atlantic Connections Stage Spain
Time: 0:00. Address: Teatro Principal, Rúa Nova 21.
Zoobazar & Carmen París
29/10/14 http://amirjohnhaddad.com Zoobazar & Carmen París Trollhättan Kronans Kulturhus Sweden
Time: 20:00.
30/10/14 http://amirjohnhaddad.com Zoobazar & Carmen París Halmstad Halmstads bibliotek Sweden
Time: 20:00.

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Amir John Haddad on tour through South Africa with SOULFOOT

3 weeks at the Nelson Mandela Theatre in Johannesburg Soulfoot is a mesmerizing multi-ethnic show where music, dance and visual performing arts blend together into an emotionally unforgettable experie...
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’9 Guitarras’ nominated for Best World Music Album 2013

Amir John Haddad “El Amir” is a musician in constant research for new musical frontiers. “El Amir” already has a long career and a lot of collaborations with renowned national and international artist...
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Amir-John Haddad has produced the debut album of flamenco singer José Salinas

When we hear Jose Salinas he reminds us of the purity and maturity of the ancient and great flamenco singers. Among his long career he has absorbed all the wisdom of the great masters. His debut album...
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