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Flamenco, oriental, fusion, rock, funk, metal, World Music.

Canción Andaluza – Paco de Lucía

Jose María Bandera and El Amir play for the first time on stage this magnificent repertoire that the maestro Paco de Lucía left in heritage.

‘El Amir’ Flamenco Sextet

Flamenco guitar concert with a Mediterranean and Oriental taste with different line-ups from Sextet to Duo.

‘El Amir’ Flamenco Recital

A recital in which 'El Amir' presents original compositions form his last album '9 Guitarras'.

From East to West

Mediterranean fusion - A trip through different cultures, musics, and instruments.


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Date Artist City Venue Country
02/04/18 “El Amir” Mediterranean Flamenco Fusion Sextet Würzburg Würzburg Flamenco Festival Germany
Time: 20:00. artistas invitados: Joaquín Ruiz & Karen Lugo
04/06/18 - 15/06/18 EL AMIR Guitar Camp Ferreirola Las Alpujarras, Granada Ferreirola Spain
Time: 10:30. /// COMPLETO

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Canción Andaluza by Paco de Lucía for the first time on stage

Paco de Lucía – Canción Andaluza – his posthumous album which he never could perform live. For the first time this album will be brought on stage as a tribute by his nephew Jose Maria Band...
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