EL AMIR has released two solo flamenco guitar albums: “Pasando por Tabernas” (2006) under the German label Double Moon Records Köln and “9 Guitarras” (2013) full of sensitivity and maturity and produced by Mundo Flamenco and Amir John Haddad.

Together with the renowned Spanish producer Carlos Raya he has recorded the debut album “Uno” of his World Music Quartet – Zoobazar – with great reception. In 2014 the group has released their second album “Dos” which received excellent reviews too. Zoobazar has been chosen by Spanish National Radio RNE to represent Spain at the Euroradio Folk Festival held in Sweden in June 2014 and had its showcase at WOMEX 2014.

EL AMIR has also recorded on Radio Tarifa album “Fiebre” (2004) and Chambao (2012) wich have been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards.

From his most flamenco side he is also producer of the debut album “Tierra de luz” (Galileo 2013) of the flamenco singer José Salinas from Almería.

He is now preparing his 3rd solo flamenco guitar album that we’ll be able to enjoy very soon.


El Amir is the producer of the debut album ‘Tierra de Luz’ of the flamenco singer José Salinas from Almería, Andalucía.

When we listen to José Salinas, he reminds us of the purity and maturity of the great flamenco singers and it’s no wonder. After his long career he has been collecting all the wisdom by the great masters. His debut album “Tierra de Luz” brings us a personal way of feeling and understanding flamenco, finding a way to express himself. Songs with a great musical wealth that flee from the predictable, Mozarabic and Mediterranean rhytms that dance between the traditional essence and modern sounds. The production, musical composition and arrangements of “Tierra de Luz” are made by Amir John Haddad  “El Amir”.

Video 'Tierra de Luz'

‘El Amir’ has also recorded soundtracks for theater, music for dance choreography, advertisings and television documentaries for important networks such as Canal +, CNN and others.