March, 2013

Mundo Flamenco, Amir John Haddad

World distribution: Galileo MC

9 Guitarras

Amir John Haddad

This album is an extraordinary tribute to the guitar itself and all the flamenco guitar luthiers. Produced by El Amir in collaboration with Johannes Inhoffen from Mundo Flamenco. For every song he used a different guitar built by the best flamenco luthiers of the world such as Conde, Francisco Barba, Jose Lopez Bellido, Andy Marvi, Miguel Rodriguez, Ricardo Sanchís and many more. This album has more arrangements around the guitar and is a very mature and sophisticated flamenco album. As he is a multi-instrumentalist he also recorded oud, bouzouki and other instruments. Amazing Maria Carmona is featured on vocals and maestro Joaquin Ruiz on flamenco dance and foot percussion.