febrero, 2020

Zoomusic, Amir John Haddad

Distribución mundial: Galileo MC


Amir John Haddad

“Andalucía” is EL AMIR’s third flamenco guitar album. It is a tribute to Andalusia the southern province  of Spain where El Amir has spent unforgettable moments when he was a child. All compositions are based on traditional flamenco styles such as the rumba “Andalucía” chosen as the first single of this album, seguiriyas, granaínas, tangos, alegrías, soleá, minera, etc…he even recorded a special lullaby . Ten amazing and beautifully arranged flamenco compositions full of emotion, strength, maturity and virtuoso guitars shaping beautiful melodies .

With each album EL AMIR wants to tell something new and give the audience a new experience and a new sound. This album is a tribute to the last three decades of flamenco . EL AMIR has created specific arrangements based on the sounds that have influenced him throughout the years since his childhood.

There is a Granaína dedicated to Juan Habichuela , a Seguiriya to Pepe Justicia and a Tangos to maestro Paco de Lucia in which he evokes the sound and flavor of the maestro . Like in all of his works so far, this album also shows his maturity, personality, own and distinguished style EL AMIR has developed over the years.

He always brings many musical worlds together and therefore his compositions are always full and rich of different musical flavors and influences and this is reflected in eachone of the tracks included in “Andalucia”. In this album, there have been guest artists such as Chelo Soto, Manuel de Lucena, Juan García-Herreros- Snow Owl, Miguel Lamas and Israel Katumba. All the songs are composed, arranged, played and produced by EL AMIR.


El Amir's New Album

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