There is only one musician capable to merge the sound of the flamenco guitar within a Hans Zimmer soundtrack and blend those two worlds effortlessly together: Amir John Haddad – EL AMIR

On this soundtrack El Amir is featured among renowned artists such as, Arturo Sandoval, Billie Eilish and Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and is the first flamenco guitarist in the history of Flamenco to appear and record on a James Bond soundtrack.

El Amir was invited to be part of an amazing musical production on Guy Laliberte’s (Cirque du Soleil) private island in the south pacific and received a phone call by Hans Zimmer to fly out directly to London to record flamenco guitar for the new James Bond – No Time To Die movie.

This seemed like an impossible mission. After a cancelled flight, a delayed departure from Tahiti, no boarding pass shown on the computer screen at the boarding gate in Paris and purchasing a new flight to London, El Amir completed his mission and arrived at the studio just in time to meet the whole team.

Hans Zimmer then introduced him to the director Cary Fukunaga with whom he was having a meeting discussing final aspects about the soundtrack.

After the meeting finished Hans Zimmer discussed with El Amir about the emotions of the scenes and the additional musical elements the soundtrack needed. El Amir then went on to record his guitar parts for several cues within the soundtrack at renowned producer Stephen Lipson’s Studio.

His “weapon of choice” was his own flamenco signature guitar Modelo El Amir built by Jose Salinas. A beautiful cypress body guitar with an amazing, warm and bright sounding cedar top. Old and fine woods make the sound of today!

Besides the work with Hans Zimmer, El Amir is known for his great career and relentless quest for new musical challenges and horizons. He describes himself as a Musician on a Mission. We can call him the perfect match to record on a James Bond soundtrack.