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El Amir is one of the most outstanding and amazing soloists and flamenco guitar concertinos of nowadays flamenco and music scene. For his tours, concerts and recordings he uses Knobloch strings. El Amir is always searching for big, balanced, perfect and high quality sound with an enormous amount of dynamics. With Knobloch strings he feels more secure on stage and at the same time the strings provide perfect tuning and a very slow wear and tear. The touch is impecable and very pleasant for the fingers. El Amir is endorsed by Knobloch and represents the brand worldwide.


Carlos Juan brand is widely recognized as one of the premier authorities in Guitar Business. The Carlos brand is world-famous for its performance, accuracy, highest satisfying quality and reliability. The Carlos pickup is a status symbol – the Rolls Royce of all acoustic guitar pickups.

Carlos Juan (born 1956) a native Puertorican has been a professional guitarist in late 70-es through 80-es before opening his guitar shop in Stuttgart in 1990. Carlos own brand of guitar amplifiers and pickups, originally designed for his own concerts, have received the highest ratings possible from both today’s top-of-line guitarists and from the trade-press and have gained a reputation for being “the most natural and musical guitar amplification” available on today’s market.

Carlos Juan´s reference list is long and impressive. Names such as George Benson, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Vicente Amigo, Badi Assad, Carlos Santana, Larry Coryell, Gary Moore, Charlie Byrd, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Bucky Pizzarelli, Babik Reinhardt, Al Di Meola and many others along with Amir John Haddad – El Amir.

Carlos Amplification is nominated three times for INNOVATION AWARD (2009, 2010,2013) held by German Innovation award IT in Consumer Electronics, an initiative for the German Middle Market (Mittelstand), chaired by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology.


When Orange Amplification launched their Acoustic Pre in 2017 it was the world’s first stereo valve acoustic preamp/active DI and it set the standard for hi-fidelity tone and refined live acoustic sound. Engineered for both stage and studio use, the Acoustic Pre is exceptional and uncompromising in its performance, full of natural warmth and rich harmonics.

Since it was launched, singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and multi Grammy Award winner Stevie Wonder has been touring with an Acoustic Pre as well as the highly respected jazz guitarist, Dr Martin Taylor MBE, who said ‘This preamp inspires me to create music’.

El Amir, multi-instrumentalist with Hans Zimmer, has also been using the Acoustic Pre on tour. He says ‘It makes my flamenco guitar sound huge!! The Acoustic Pre combines quality, depth and beauty of sound. I will be using it on the World of Hans Zimmer autumn tour 2019.’

Grammy Award winner, Clean Bandit’s guitarist Jack Patterson commented “With the Acoustic Pre I can turn up for radio sessions knowing I have easy control over my guitars without a ton of gear. It’s a really versatile tool in the Clean Bandit studio.

Orange Amplification has been a pioneering force in guitar and bass amplification since 1968. They have built a reputation of delivering innovative technology, always built with uncompromising attention to detail and quality.  Known as the best British guitar amplifier manufacturer for both design and build, they dominate the world’s stages and studios. The world’s greatest rock icons, including Jimmy Page, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Madonna, Jim Root and Geddy Lee are proud to stand in front of the unmistakable iconic brand and rely upon its unique tone.


José Salinas was born in Almería in 1974. Son of one of the best cabinetmakers of his city, he grows in an environment surrounded by wood and crafts and at the age of 16 he starts working in his father’s workshop where he learns the craft with him for more than seven years.

This passion for craftsmanship and wood, together with his profession as a flamenco singer, arouses interest in the construction of the Spanish guitar.

In 2014, he began his career as a guitar maker, uniting his two great passions, music and wood.

In the world of luthería he has been able to share knowledge with great guitar makers, especially with Andy Marvi, Javier Castaño, Alfredo Mate, Arcadio Marin, from whom he learned great secrets of this beautiful craft and to which he is very grateful.


'El Amir' Guitar Model

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