I am very happy to be part of the VegaTrem Family.

I am thankful to be an endorsee and brand ambassador for this great company.

Vegatrem is a very innovative concept based on vintage knowledge. This is usually the best combination since it’s the renewal of something already established with a much better result.

VegaTrem is probably one of the best, if not the best manufacturer of floating tremolo bridges for Stratocaster style guitars to say the least. Even for any type of guitar you want to have it installed actually.

The VT1 UltraTrem offers you a great versatility in sound, texture and timbre. It his a floating bridge with an amazing action in both direction back and forth with absolute free range of movement. You also have an edition for left handed guitarists which is the VT 1 UltraTrem LH.

The idea was to create and design a floating tremolo bridge which you could install easily on Stratocaster style guitars without doing any modification to the body. The company spend many years researching and investigating until they found the perfect balance of material, design,  aesthetic, functionality and durability. They truly have achieved it and the bridge can be installed very easily, even you can do it by yourself!

It is a noiseless tremolo, it maintains the tuning perfectly and improves even the sustain of your guitar. The aesthetic is impecable and competes on the market at the highest level.

You can get the VT1 Ultra Trem now in Chrome, Gold or Black. It’s such a beautiful design!

“ I have installed the VT1 Ultra Trem on two of my Stratocaster guitars myself and the guitars have gained in sustain and body of sound. Having absolute freedom in moving the whammy bar in all directions is an authentic luxury and gives me freedom of expression!

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