EL AMIR is proud to present his new guitar album “Andalucía” dedicated to the Land of Flamenco. The album will be released on February the 28th 2020, celebrating the Day of Andalusia. It includes songs dedicated to each Andalusian province as well as a surprise bonus track that will close the album and which goes beyond flamenco music and the guitar itself. 

Artists: Chelo Soto Robles (vocals), Manuel de Lucena & Miguel Lamas (drums), Israel Katumba (percussions & handclaps), Juan Garcia-Herreros “Snow Owl” (6 string bass)

 Amir John Haddad – El Amir
Award Winning Guitarist / Multi-instrumentalist
Latin Grammy Nominee (Radio Tarifa / Chambao)
Composer / Producer / Arranger
Global Music Awards 2019