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NEW 2022

El Amir is launching a very Special and Exclusive VIP Flamenco Guitar Workshop for ONLY 7 Students!

The first Flamenco Guitar Impact(FGI - VIP 2022)From June 19th to June 25th/2022, with El Amir.

➡️ It is a Powerful workshop providing an Innovative, Complete and Real Transformation for Medium Level and Advanced Level

➡️ Carefully prepared and designed to Boost Your Level in Just One Week

➡️ Learn all the important secrets of solo playing, accompanying a singer and a dancer.

➡️ Experience how all the elements come together while enjoying your time in a beautiful Golf Resort near Malaga – Andalucia – Spain.

Allow yourself to get to the Next Level!!

Watch  FGI VIP 2022 Presentation

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Guitar Camps

El Amir is recognized as an excellent teacher and communicator.

He has been teaching since he was 15 years old.

Throughout the year he has several Workshops, Masterclasses and Conferences for Flamenco Guitarists and Musicians of other instruments.

Each year he has several Flamenco Guitar Camp in southern Spain and in the Black Forest in Germany.

Along with his concerts he also offer Workshops (only for Flamenco Guitarists) Masterclasses and Conferences, the day before or after, for all types of musicians who are interested in Flamenco and Mediterranean Music. Please consult Zoomusic Management about availability and costs in each particular case.

In each section below you will find more information so that you can see what best suits your needs. Fill the form and sign up to receive all the information.


Do you want to become a Flamenco Guitarist?

Do you want to improve yourself and know more about flamenco guitar?

Do you want to understand flamenco rythms, techniques and how how to improve yourself playing in a Simple and Fun way and in a Short Time?

You will sound flamenco and you will have more knowledge about the guitar!

In my intensive workshop, we will work on flamenco “palos”, study and analyze the techniques, rhythms and melodies of each of them.

I offer you the possibility to learn and absorb in a short time a lot of information of great value for you. It is the best way to grow as a guitarist.

You will increase your knowledge and control your instrument.

I will design for you a personalized training plan and you will receive the best keys so that you can continue practicing and achieve your goal.

The duration of the wokshops are 1, 2 or 3 days and they take place in different countries and cities.

Sign up and find out more about the Next Workshops, Dates and Places filling your data in the form below.

If you represent a Festival, Conservatory, Institution or you want to organize a workshop please get in contact directly with my Management agency


Do you want to Discover the Secrets of the Guitar?

Do you want to play the guitar with more emotion?

A masterclass is the ideal condition to talk about broader concepts that go beyond the guitar.

It is the best way for you to learn the tricks, techniques, and exercises of the flamenco guitar with just a few hours.

I share with you my knowledge and my vision about the contemporary flamenco guitar. This way I will help you to improve your skills as a guitarist and musician.

An interactive and fun masterclass where my vision of the flamenco guitar will open new horizons for you to enjoy the guitar with all the freedom you desire.


I have the Keys and Tools to Play with Emotion

In this masterclass I will talk about music in general and new concepts of how to improve as a musician and get the most of your instrument, whatever it is.

I will share with you simple exercises, with which you can experience your limits and easily surpass them.

It’s the way to incorporate new ways of perceiving, feeling and transmitting.

That makes us more connected to ourselves and more open to vibrate in the frequency of creativity, emotion and magic of playing music.

The instrument is the vehicle and we are the engine.

What engine do you want to be? The best right?

I will share with you all my experience and trajectory.

I want to help you to grow as a person and as a musician.

Find out about upcoming masterclasses by filling your email and data in the form below so I can contact you.

If you represent a Festival, Conservatory, Institution or you want to organize a Masterclass please get in contact directly with my Management agency

Do you want to know my secrets and advices as a multi-instrumentalist?

The importance of the Person Behind the Instrument

Concepts of Life Applied to Music.

Throughout my career I have shared stage, road and experiences with many renowned musicians and artists, and I have been able to absorb their knowledge. Almost all those who have succeeded coincide in the same thing, it’s a way of living dedicated to music and to the instrument through discipline, emotion and passion.

I continually apply those concepts to my way of playing, composing and creating and I want to share this with you so you can take advantage of what you are looking for as a musician, artist and person.

There is much more than just music.

A conference in which I share with you my experience and trajectory and I talk about attitudes and the importance of integrity as a person, musician and artist.

Concepts of life such as relaxation, emotional intelligence, physical and mental exercise, breathing, among others are applied directly to music since this is the reflection of what we are.

Please fill your contact information below to inform you of upcoming conferences.

If you are representing a Festival, Conservatory, Institution or you want to organize a conference, please get in direct contact with my Management agency

Do you want to live a unique experience?

Can you imagine enjoying 2 weeks of immersion in flamenco guitar in a wonderful place?

Do you want to share your passion with other guitarists?

Come and Take All the Keys and Tools to Expand Your Knowledge and Improve Your Play.

I’ve been doing two Guitar Camps a year for 10 years, which have been gaining popularity and number of students. An exceptional camp where you can learn all about the flamenco guitar in a privileged environment, in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by nature, where the environment invites relaxation, increases concentration and ability to learn.

You will learn several flamenco styles, their techniques and their melodies. I will be with you continuously supervising the classes so that you can get the best performance from your guitar.

In a rural setting, in a special place, away from urban noise you will be sharing and playing with other musicians, fans and guitarists like you. The goal is to grow together.

No matter your technical level, I will give you a personalized training plan so that you can achieve your desired results.

Participation in my Flamenco Guitar Camp, is equal to several months of individual study, for the rapidity and assimilation of concepts that will mean the immersion in the instrument.

Dare to take the step to go to the next level, consolidate your phrasing and sound really flamenco.

Guitar Camps are organized by Johannes Inhoffen – Mundo Flamenco

Guitar Camp June – Ferreirola, in La Alpujarra (Granada, Spain) (duration 2 weeks)

Guitar Camp August – Saig, in the Black Forest, near Freiburg (Germany) (duration 1 week)

Because these 2 Guitar Camps for 2019 are already complete, I am organizing other Guitar Camps throughout the year, in different places, so if you are interested in participating:

Please leave your data and email in the form below to add you to the waiting list and receive more information.

Do you want to learn the way I did by private “One on One” classes?

I have created a “Premium Guitar Online Pack” specially for you. A program of private “one on one” Skype lessons in order to teach you the essence of what I know and also the hot tricks, tips & secrets behind the flamenco guitar and its technique, rhythm and expression. As you know my big theme has always been “Technique & Emotion”. It is a very “simple” concept yet difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right information.

Do You Want Me To Work With You Personally And Help You To Start Sounding Really Flamenco?

What Makes Me Different?

I will show you how to:

Personalize your technique

Create a technique booster program for you

Focus on the essence of what you are doing

Connect with the guitar

Relax your fingers

Practise rhythm

Consider this:

I am a teacher who is also a performer

I am a teacher who is also a composer

I play many string instruments

I have been playing since age seven

I have been performing on stage and touring since I am twelve

I have been teaching flamenco guitar since I am fifteen years old

I have been teaching my guitar camps in Andalusia & Germany for over a decade now.

This is a good chance for you to get to know me better and learn directly through my experience.

 Don’t waste time and go for the real thing!!

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