'El Amir' Flamenco Mediterráneo Trio

Can you imagine how Flamenco and Mediterranean music sound on the same stage?

In this project, Flamenco and the Mediterranean cultures are being combined musically. With his compositions, El Amir helps us travel through different geographical landscapes, cultures and sounds.

He transmits and shares the hidden Mediterranean essence and emotion. Each song is arranged with electric bass, drums/ethnic percussion and forms a powerful instrumental trio that connects straight with the audience.

El Amir’s music is very melodic and full of harmonies and musical details, which capture the listener from the very first note.

This is the best opportunity to know about, learn and understand the music that has influenced our environment and even human civilization.

'El Amir' Flamenco Mediterráneo Trio live

Amir John Haddad ‘El Amir’ – Flamenco guitar, Greek buzuki, Arabic oud
CAST bass guitar, percussions

Amir John Haddad ‘El Amir’ – Flamenco guitar
CAST vocals, percussions