'EL AMIR' Flamenco Recital

One of nowadays most powerful flamenco recitals.

A recital full of sensivity, maturity, creativity and musical mastery where you can appreciate his technical clarity, sense of rhythm and strong flamenco feeling.

Interpreting different characteristic palos of flamenco like Rondeña, Taranta, Minera, Tangos, Alegrias, Rumba, Farruca, Solea or Bulerias “El Amir” delights us with his sensitivity, maturity and creativity.

A great opportunity to hear flamenco guitar and enjoy its purest essence.

“El Amir” plays original compositions with outstanding technical clarity, mastery of rhythm and pure flamenco flavor. He takes us on a journey through Andalusian geography and culture and shares with us his particular vision of the flamenco guitar.

A recital that satisfies all expectations full of exquisite musical taste.

'El Amir' Flamenco Recital live

ONE MAN SHOW Amir John Haddad ‘El Amir’
INSTRUMENTS Flamenco guitar