He is not only an exceptional flamenco guitarist, but even more, he's the best example and highest ranking in terms of dedication and depth of an aficionado (flamenco connoisseur) in Spain. He is very well known among the flamenco scene and is one of the most respected musicians in the world of Mediterranean strings.

Pablo San Nicasio, Chalaura.com

A guitarist who is capable of interpreting South American folclore, flamenco, heavy metal, jazz, rock, anyway, a multi ethnic man in all senses as well as on a musical level.
Alberto Martinez Arias – (El Ojo Crítico) RNE3

El Amir has the virtue to play the guitar or any other string instrument and transport us to other places, countries and times.
Julio Castro – La República Cultural 

Besides being an instrumentalist we know that the flamenco world values your
capacity for composition.
Manuel Moraga – Callejón del Cante – RNEE Exterior

To the guitar Amir John is what Buddha is to meditation.

Beatriz Sancho – Servimedia


“An original composer and a musician with extraordinary sensitivity, as well as a virtuoso performer who knows how to combine his musical legacy with the musical infuences of the present.”


“Rich and sumptuous, ‘9 Guitarras’ is monstrously good. Stunning pieces that bring to life the shades of flamenco.”

– Tj Nelson, World Music Central.

el  amir interpretando guitarra flamenca