The new solo album “9 Guitarras” of Amir John Haddad “El Amir” will be released in March 2013. The album has been produced in collaboration with Johannes Inhoffen from Mundo Flamenco and will be distributed by Galileo (Germany).
Each composition has been recorded with a different guitar made by the most recognized and prestigious guitar builders of the past 40 years (Faustino Conde, José López Bellido, Manuel Reyes, Francisco Barba, Andrés Marvi, Miguel Rodriguez, Ricardo Sanchis Carpio, Lester De Voe y Antonio Marin). All guitars were kindly given by Mundo Flamenco.
The album counts with a great list of outstanding featuring artists:
Maria Carmona (vocals), Joaquín Ruiz (dance), Raúl Márquez (violin), Kike Terrón, Pablo Martin Jones, Aleix Tobías, Jesús Mañeru, Sebastián Rubio (percussion), Peter Oteo, Josemi Garzón y Tom Auffahrt (bass).
A vivid, fresh, mature álbum full of mastery.